This research focuses on capacity building and community development preferences in the community related to the park and the role of social economy organizations in achieving development objectives.

The objectives of this collaborative research project are:

  • To explore perspectives on the community benefits of national park development
  • To explore and determine community capacity building objectives
  • To examine the role of social economy organizations in facilitating community development

This research project follows a 10 step process in order to meet the study’s objectives and ensure effective collaboration throughout:

1. Project Development – Complete
2. Literature Review – Complete
3. Hiring and Training of Research Assistant – Complete
4. Review of Community Meeting Minutes – Complete
5. Interviews with Community Members – Camplete
6. Interviews with Externals – Complete
7. Data Analysis – Complete
8. Development of Final Community Report – Complete
9. Community Presentation – Upcoming
10. Thesis Completion – Forthcoming

As shown in the diagram below, the researcher, the LKDFN and a consultative committee, enter together as equal partners into this research project. After the initial researcher, the researcher will return twice to the community. The first time will be to report back initial findings, seek clarity and receive feedback. The second time that the researcher returns will be to present the final community report and thesis.

This project will be conducted between January 2008 and will be completed by December 2009.

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